2016, the latest anti-static flooring construction process acceptance criteria

Anti-static floor is a floor material is relatively common, is one of the most frequent occurrence of electrostatic hazards, the most difficult to remove, so some places or occasions paving anti-static floor, now Home Furnishing appliances more and more, in order to prevent electrostatic damage to the furniture and electrical appliances, there are a lot of people began to study the living room and other places in Home Furnishing Pu with anti-static floor, the construction technology of anti-static flooring is what, what is the acceptance criteria, Xiaobian take you to understand:

Antistatic floor preparation before construction:

I. preparation of construction environment

1, the laying of the floor should be completed after the completion of indoor construction and decoration

2, the floor should be smooth, clean, dry, no debris, no dust;

3. The cables, electrical appliances, air ducts and air-conditioning systems installed under the floor shall be completed before the installation of the floor;

4. Heavy equipment should be fixed on the base, the equipment is installed on the base, the base height should be highly consistent with the surface of the floor;

5, the construction site with 220V/50HZ power and water.

Two 、 construction tool preparation

Professional cutting saw, laser level meter, level meter, blister tape, ink, suction plate, nut wrench, screwdriver, vacuum cleaners, broom, mop and so on.

Construction technology of anti-static floor:

Anti static floor construction process: primary processing and cleaning - >, find the set of square, lattice, positioning elastic line - > fixed adjustable bracket and a - > - > the laying of floor surface cleaning and waxing anti-static floor construction steps:

First, grass-roots treatment and clean-up

The framework of the movable floor surface shall be supported on the cast-in-place concrete, and shall be covered with cement mortar or terrazzo floor. The surface of the base shall be smooth, smooth and dust free, and the moisture content shall not be greater than 8%. Should be carefully cleaned before installation, and if necessary, besmear on the surface of insulating grease or varnish.

Two, find, set, square, location, positioning, elastic line

According to the size of the room and equipment layout and so on, according to the movable floor modulus select plate laying direction, the following are specific circumstances:

1, such as indoor plane, no control cabinet and other equipment, and the size of the plane conforms to the plate mold, it should be laid from the inside out. 2, such as the indoor plane size does not conform to the plate modulus, should be indoor 2 directions, plane central line to find out. Look at the size difference between the two sides, if the difference between the unknown should be paved by the outside; if the difference is large, should be symmetrical to the grid, from the inside out.

3, such as indoor control cabinet and other equipment to leave the hole, the laying direction and sequence should be considered comprehensively.

According to the above selection method, it is necessary to do the work of finding, installing, dividing and positioning the shells. Both the surface layer dividing line in the room around the wall (also called the control panel position control line, convenient operation and control), dividing line at the grassroots level above, and to the correct size, upper and lower circle counterparts, formed grid and marked equipment parts (when inserted into the reserved laying activities the floor of the pipeline, should pay attention to avoid the holder has good elastic sign).

Three 、 install and fix adjustable bracket and guide bar

First to check the elevation of the line of control review original interior wall around playing out, according to the selected direction and the laying sequence determines the reference point, and then press the base has been playing good mark the position in the grid intersection position adjustable base frame beam bearing screw rotation, first with a small line and level adjustment of the bearing surface to the height the whole room is high, when steel pillar and beam frame integration, application level leveling.

Four, laying movable floor surface layer

First, check the movable floor, surface layer laying cables, pipelines, to ensure that after the correct laying of active ground floor. First put buffer rubber strip on the cross beam and glue it with the emulsion. Laying the movable floor, adjusting the horizontal height to ensure that the four corners touch smoothly and tightly, and the padding method shall not be used. Laying floor activities incompatible with the module, the insufficient part according to the actual size of the plate after cutting and patching, and equipped with the corresponding support and the adjustable beam. And the wall of the joint, should be based on the gap width, respectively, using movable floor or wood brush, high strength plastic inlay, narrow seam should be embedded with foam. The plates should be checked to adjust the level and the gap.

Five, clean and waxing

For cleaning the floor surface and rubbed the floor work. Standard for construction and acceptance of antistatic floor:

1. The varieties, specifications and technical performance of the movable floor must comply with the design requirements, comply with the construction specifications and current national standards.

2, the floor surface is clean, no dust, relics, pattern clear, color and uniform seams, surrounding straight, on the block without crack, drop horn and lack of corrugated phenomenon.

3, the floor surface without scratches, no peeling coating, while no damage.

4, all kinds of surface adjacent to the edge of the materials and size in line with the design requirements and construction specifications, corners and corners neat and smooth.

5, the floor of the strake should ensure a straight line, the adjacent floor is not greater than 1mm dislocation.

6, after paving, the whole floor should be stable and solid, personnel walking on the above should not have a sense of vibration, there should be no sound.

After understanding the construction acceptance standards of anti-static flooring and construction process, when we encounter these decoration construction process, we must remember that according to what we know to check up Oh! Of course we have to face the decoration of many of the construction process, it is difficult to fully check in place, but these we can give professional the decoration supervision, supervision can help us test construction materials and construction control of true and false, concealed engineering quality, guarantee the quality of decoration overall.

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