All steel anti-static floor why prices are high or low resolution quality

All steel anti-static floor may not be familiar to many, thought to be a new type of flooring, but in fact is a mature product, growing competition, price is becoming more and more transparent, anti-static floor profit margins has been far better than in previous years. As a mature product, price transparency decisions of manufacturers to reduce prices, but cost-control, reducing the cost of anti-static floor price. Anti-static flooring costs General and cover all steel, plate thickness (the decision bearing), directly related to fill cement quality and flooring accessories. For frequent contact such flooring may speak, but for some it is important for people who don't know much about.
The following LAN products with anti-static floor, and to understand the impact of these differences on the floor below.

Veneer, steel anti-static floor cover material and can be divided into, HPL, PVC and ceramic surfaces. HPL surfaces, namely melamine surfaces are more commonly used as a cover. Cover of anti-static or not determines whether the floor is a ballroom floor (because of non-standard prices lower, many of the factories in order to meet the customers often use non-standard flooring to customers, but there is no mention of non-standard GB difference). Veneer thickness affects the HPL veneer cracking resistance and bubble (although the HPL surface temperature difference is prone to cracking defects).

Plate thickness, plate thickness determines the load-bearing capacity of the floor, so this block also in influence factors of floor prices account for a large proportion. Many sellers nor the floor and customer problems with plate thickness or weight-bearing, 0504 plate thickness of the flooring directly to buyers.

Accessories, anti-static flooring accessories also have good or bad points, mainly reflected in the fittings on the thickness of the plate, brackets and thickness of the Flake and the thickness of the beam. Accessories different can also affect the life of the floor.