Construction process of pvc coil plastic floor pavement

    Pvc flooring construction is divided into: self-leveling construction, floor paving construction. Pavement is divided into: full scrape rubber pavement, adhesive tape pavement. The self-leveling construction is carried out before the floor covering. The full-squeegee pavement is suitable for kindergarten floors and commercial floors. The adhesive tape pavement is suitable for sports floors and dance floors. Squeegee pavement is divided into: sheet pavement and sheet pavement. The following is only for the floor of the coil.

     Pvc floor pavement construction process - full scraping gum

Process one: pre-shop. Requirements: solid ground, no sand, no powder, clean and dry, within 2m height difference within 2mm or leveled polished, clean self-leveling; Material: pvc floor (with volume number);  Method: align by volume number layout.

    Process II: Squeegee. Requirements: pre-paved floor; tools: special scraper board; material: pvc floor special glue; method: Roll up the whole block pre-paved floor to half, put the right amount of glue on the ground, scraping with a scraper evenly.

    Process III: laying. Requirements: Adhesive is not sticky (about 20 minutes after squeegeeing); Tool: Soft   wood board; Method: Spread the rolled floor after glue is not sticky, and use a soft wood board to level and push it up; Half of the squeegee is laid.

Process four: repair. Requirement: The whole piece of rubber is laid; Tool: steel ruler, hook knife or wallpaper knife; Method: After the steel part of the corners is pressed, use a hook knife or a wallpaper knife to cut; clean the scene.

    Process five: slot welding. Requirement: Laying finishing; Tool: Steel ruler, slotter, torch, moon blade or trowel; Material: Weld wire; Method: 1. Grooving—align the steel rule along the floor seam, use slotting The knife is grooved and the depth of the groove is controlled at one-third of the total thickness of the floor. 2. Welding—The welding torch is welded along the slotted position. After completion, the raised wire is flattened with a crescent blade.


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