Decoration related knowledge: anti-static floor installation method

I. requirements for laying the site

1, the laying of the floor should be completed after the completion of indoor construction and decoration:

2, the ground should be smooth, clean, dry, no debris, no dust;

3. The cables, electrical SS and other air conditioning systems installed under the floor shall be completed before the installation of the floor:

4. Heavy equipment should be fixed on the base, the equipment is installed on the base, the base height should be highly consistent with the surface of the floor:

5 、 the construction site is equipped with 220V / 50HZ power supply and water source.

Two 、 floor mounting tool

1 、 professional cutting saw:

2 、 laser level measuring instrument;

3, water level meter, ruler, moxian;

4 、 suction plate, nut adjustment wrench, ten screw driver;

5, vacuum cleaner, broom, mop;

Three, construction steps

1, seriously check the flatness of the ground and verticality of the wall, if found that does not meet the construction requirements, to Party A's relevant departments;

2, pull the horizontal line, wells will be highly with an elastic wall to install the floor, ensure after the laying of the floor in the same level, measure the length and width, and the appropriate choice of laying benchmark position to reduce floor cutting, mounting bracket on the ground up grid lines;

3. Adjust the mounting bracket to the desired height and place the support at the cross of the grid line on the ground;

4. Fix the beam to the support with screws, and use the horizontal bar and the cross beam to make them in the same plane and perpendicular to each other;

5. Use the suction board to place the floor on the woman's cross beam,

6, if the wall remaining size smaller than the length of the floor itself, you can use the method of cutting the floor to fight:

7, in the laying of the floor, with a bubble level instrument leveling, floor height by support adjustment;

8, in the computer room placed heavier equipment, should be in the equipment base floor under the bracket, in order to prevent floor deformation;

9, the movable floor needs cutting, or when opening, use an electric drill to punch 6mm-, 8mm and a round hole at the opening corner, to prevent the veneer from breaking.

Four, anti-static flooring laying acceptance standards

1. The floor and floor of the movable floor should be clean, dust free, and left over

2, the floor surface without scratches, no peeling coating, while no damage:

3, after paving, the whole floor should be stable and solid, people walking on it should not have a sense of vibration, there should be no sound;

4, the floor edge should be guaranteed for a straight line, adjacent floor dislocation is not greater than 1mm;

5, the height difference between adjacent plates is not greater than 1mm.

Five, anti-static floor maintenance requirements

1, the use of the environment: laying anti-static floor room temperature control in 15 DEG -35 DEG in the 45%-75%RH humidity if the room is in low humidity conditions, the floor surface will cause cracks, should be appropriate to increase the veneer thickness and strength.

2, maintenance requirements

Prohibit the use of sharp instruments directly on the surface of the floor construction operation damage anti-static performance and appearance of the surface; in the process of using prohibited personnel from high jump to handling equipment is prohibited on the floor by floor; prohibit barbaric operation, direct drive equipment, on the surface activity of mobile devices in the floor scratch the floor, right it is lifting equipment room handling; heavy equipment, equipment should be directly on the ground base, can not directly fall on the floor by floor load for a long time, deformation; maintenance of floor equipment, application of suction plate floor suction operation, prohibit the use of sharp disassembly maintenance in savage; use a vacuum cleaner or mop the floor, especially the main will not spread to the liquid on the floor; the floor surface can be anti electrostatic wax regularly Maintain the floor effect for a long time.

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