Design points of anti-static floor

Design points of anti-static floor

1, anti-static floor fire rating should be in line with the "building interior decoration design fire code" requirements.

2, anti-static floor height should be based on the use of requirements.

(1) for line use only: the basic size is 250mm.

(2) supply line and air conditioning storehouse: the basic size is 400mm. The floor removable panels can be interchanged and have higher manufacturing accuracy to ensure the floor space as required for the use of air conditioning air reservoirs.

3, anti-static room mobile floor pavement construction is the final stage of building decoration. Should be completed in the indoor ceiling plate laying, ceiling lamps, ventilation vents are also installed after the completion of cleaning the ground, paving the movable floor (there are insulation cotton and groove should be paved with cotton insulation and groove).

4, anti-static room has been laying in the leveling cement mortar cushion on the ground, in order to reduce the height of the practice, is placed directly on the floor slab structure, the requirements of surface roughness and interfacial agent is sprayed, curing the concrete surface, the ground not sand.

5, the floor surface should be soft, non slip, wear-resistant, resistant to pollution.

6, after the installation of the floor must be ground treatment, otherwise it can not play anti-static role.

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