ESD Flooring attracting market attention

In recent years, with the continuous development of the flooring industry, product types in flooring market are also enriched. At the same time, the intense market competition also spawned more flooring enterprises, and badly needed new products to create differentiated competitive advantages. Among them, the anti-static floor as the market development trend is relatively strong, and gradually attracted more and more attention of flooring enterprises.

Anti static floor becomes the focus of the floor Market

In recent years, the development of high and new technology industry in China is very strong. A little large units have started to establish their own data processing center, computer room, monitoring machine room, central control room and so on. In addition, electronic components, semiconductors, integrated circuits and so on have also been developing rapidly. Because these industries require relatively high environment, all kinds of building materials specially designed for these environmental requirements also arise.

The antistatic floor, as the name suggests, is a kind of floor specially designed for the environment that needs antistatic. Because it can effectively dissipate charge, it is named. With the development of high-tech industry, the demand for anti-static floor is also increasing. Some media said that the demand for anti-static flooring has tripled in the past five years. The tension between supply and demand will inevitably lead more and more manufacturers to join.

Standardize the anti static floor market to become the focus of industry development

At present, as the demand for anti-static floor increases year by year, more and more brands are springing up. This will inevitably lead to the widespread industry fish phenomenon. A buyer pointed out that the company had visited the anti static floor market in order to upgrade the machine room, and found that there were a lot of inferior products in addition to a lot of counterfeit products. "If not careful identification, or purchasing personnel be selfish, it is easy to fake and shoddy products to buy back." The buyer said that the low-quality anti static floor not only can not protect precision instruments and electronic products, play the role of anti static, and may even seriously affect the operation of the instrument and the production of the workshop, which can easily cause very bad consequences.

The anti static floor market is in urgent need of unified standard. To achieve this goal, it is a long way to go. First, the relevant departments must intensify inspection and supervision, and strictly supervise the floor quality of producers. For enterprises that fail to meet the standards, they should be punished, or even stop production and rectification. If it is found that manufacturers that produce fake and inferior products should be banned immediately and give corresponding punishment to the person in charge. In addition to controlling production links, sales links should not be relaxed. For shoddy, fake sellers immediately upon discovery of punishment.

For the floor enterprise, the emergence of any new products will experience the severe test of the market. In addition to improving the quality of its own products, the enterprise should also gradually improve the product system in a conscientious and responsible attitude to the consumer. Whether the antistatic floor can become a new star in the market, and enterprises should put more efforts into technological innovation.

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