Four major characteristics of pvc flooring analysis

Four major characteristics of pvc flooring analysis

Features one: environmental protection 0 formaldehyde

    Pvc used to be the most versatile plastic in the world with a wide range of applications. In construction materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipe, wire and cable, packaging film, bottles, foam materials, sealing materials, fibers, etc. are widely used. Such as: children's toys, transparent film, plastic sandals, mineral water bottles, drinking water pipes.

Feature 2: elastic buffer

    Pvc flooring elasticity comes from materials and structures. Material, pvc resin is plastic, soft texture, good flexibility, so as long as it is pvc flooring, have elasticity; structure, pvc floor structure points: with translucent, composite type, usually composite floor flexibility is better than with translucent, composite The floor is divided into: dense bottom and foamed bottom, the compact bottom plays the role of compression, and the foamed bottom acts as a buffer. The foam type is the most elastic and is very suitable for sports fields. Therefore, the pvc sports floor structure is foamed structure.

    The elasticity of pvc flooring brings three benefits: First, it reduces injuries, accidentally falls, and the floor acts as a buffer. This is one of the reasons that hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes, and sports venues prefer the pvc floor. Second, noise and noise reduction. The soles, wheels, and other items hit or rub against the floor. Floor cushioning also reduces noise. For children's activities, hospitals, libraries, exhibition halls, etc. is very suitable; third, the foot feels comfortable, compared with marble, ceramic tile, cement floor, etc., pvc floor foot feel has obvious advantages, especially the foamed bottom layer structure Pvc flooring, elastic close to the carpet.

Features three: super wear-resistant

    Pvc floor wear resistance depends on the wear layer level and thickness, composite pvc flooring (whether it is coil, or sheet), the surface layer are wear-resistant; the same type of pvc flooring, the thickness of the floor wear layer thickness.

The abrasion resistance of the wear layer is classified according to wear resistance: T grade, P grade, M grade, F grade,

its. The same type of pvc flooring, wear layer thickness equal to the thickness of the floor. Wear layer rating

Feature 4: Safety slip

    Pvc floor surface of the all-round non-slip layer, the sole can fit perfectly with the floor, the user moves in all directions on the floor, can feel the consistency and regularity of the friction. In addition, when the floor meets water, the static friction force between the sole and the floor increases, so in the case of water, as long as it does not run or jump, it is more stable than usual.


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