Hospital ground materials

    Hospital ground materials have special requirements, the basic professional requirements are not dust, dust, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, mold, fire, antibacterial Yin, easy to clean. Color to be gentle, elegant, and the patient's psychological calming effect, reduce patient pain and medical staff work fatigue. So, what is good material on the ground? How to choose and use these materials? Here we take a look.

    The decoration of each space should be treated according to their different uses and roles. The overall requirements of public places design and home design are not the same, and the decoration needs of hospitals are also very special. The hospital is a place for treating patients. Dust and antibacterial also have many requirements, if you also want to understand this knowledge, then take a good look at this article.

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    What hospital ground material

    According to the hospital ground material can be divided into: PVC flooring, rubber flooring, tiles, natural stone and resin floors.

In practical applications, it is difficult to meet this requirement not only by considering the characteristics of materials and the aesthetics of the ground, but also taking into account the microscopic changes of the environment. Ordinary ground materials.

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    Hospital ground materials

1, walkway in the hospital, if it is the ward in the middle of the area, both sides of the room are the case, we have to consider its compressive and wear resistance, such as patient transport, repeated push and pull of drug carts, requiring ground resistance Strong pressure, leaving no marks, no damage, wear good.

2, if it is a unilateral walkway, while sunny, side by side ward, we also need to consider the floor UV and water resistance. By the side of the window, exposed to the sun for many years, there may be discoloration and yellowing, the ground material will become brittle, reducing its useful life. At the same time, by the erosion of rain and dust, the ground may be foaming phenomenon, to the maintenance and use of the negative impact.

3, in addition to consider the ground resistance to cigarette and chemical erosion, some of the ground in case of cigarette butts, may burn out a deep mark, the other if often by strong disinfectant erosion, in terms of aesthetics and durability affected.

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     Summary: read so much relevant information, we have better understanding of the hospital ground with what material, clean and comfortable hospital environment, everyone likes, the maximum degree of comfort for both doctors and patients is the principle of hospital ground decoration . The above information on the hospital floor materials and the use of hospital ground materials simply introduced here, I hope for your help.


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