How do we maintain the ESD Flooring?

ESD Flooring is mainly used in the machine room and other multi line layout of the industrial site, in addition to decorative, it is also the most important part of the safety and protection of the machine room.

A detailed introduction to the maintenance of the anti static floor is made in a detail. It pays more attention to the maintenance and nursing of the anti static floor. It can not only improve its function, but also prolong the practical life of the anti static floor. The maintenance methods of commonly used antistatic floors are as follows.


1, avoid placing a black rubber pad the chair and other items on the floor. To prevent the pollution of the black sulphide to the floor.

2, the plate will change color and deformation when it is irradiated for a long time in the sun. At the same time in the long term deformation under heating, so set the screen cover.

3, floor surfaces such as oil dirt, available to dirt, wash agent scrub Chuzhou center. If the local surface is scratched and wiped, it can be sanded with fine sandpaper. The surface of the floor will be polluted by substances such as adhesives, rubber wheels, paint and pyrotechnics, so be very careful.

4, avoid with a sharp, rough weight on the floor surface to wipe, drag, to avoid wearing a nail shoes on the floor to walk, keep the floor surface smooth and smooth.

5, the floor needs to be kept dry. Avoid long time immersion in water, causing floor degumming.

6, pay attention to the use of the environment: the room temperature laid on the anti-static floor should be controlled at 15 degrees -35, and the humidity is controlled at 45%-75%RH.

7, prohibit people from jumping to the floor directly from the height, prohibiting the operation of the floor, and damaging the floor.


1, anti-static floor cleaning. First, polish the floor with the polish machine and the floor wax water, then clean the floor with neutral detergent.

2, clean with water, and quickly dry the floor with water machine.

3, after the floor is completely dried, the electrostatic wax water should be coated evenly. The floor waxes can be used for 8 hours.

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