How to choose PVC plastic floor

    First of all, to understand the functionality of the site used, what are the requirements for the floor, must ensure the main function of the site, and then master the main parameters of the floor and the applicable site of the floor, according to your space design concept to choose the right floor. The floor technical parameters to be considered in selecting the floor.

    Many PVC plastic floor sellers have a wide applicability for PVC plastic flooring. There seems to be no place for unsuitable use. PVC flooring is widely used, from commercial to civilian, from the factory to the school, from the institution to the hospital, from the sports venue to the vehicle everywhere can see PVC flooring. Even if this is not the case, PVC flooring is suitable for all places.

    The application of PVC floor is to pay attention to the functionality and applicability. The same choice of PVC floor is to use different floors according to the function of the floor. For example, the floor used in hospital wards must require the floor to be wear-resistant, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial. Basic requirements for environmental protection, fire prevention, safety and sound insulation; for shopping malls and supermarkets, the basic characteristics of the wear resistance, stain resistance, shock absorption, fire resistance and applicability of the floor should be considered; for the floor used in school classrooms, consider The requirements of abrasion resistance, stain resistance, safety, environmental protection, anti-slip, impact resistance and sound insulation of the floor; the first consideration for the sports floor used in sports venues is the safety, applicability, compliance with the requirements of the sports ground, and then Considering the characteristics of wear resistance, stain resistance, environmental protection and impact resistance of the floor; for the floor of the electronic workshop and the electronic equipment room with anti-static requirements, in the case of ensuring the floor is wear-resistant, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, clean and easy to clean. , must ensure that the floor does not produce static electricity. It can be seen that different places need to use different PVC flooring, which cannot be generalized.