How to clean the plastic floor

    How to clean the plastic floor: the plastic floor is easy to clean, the surface is dusty or other non-acid, alkali corrosion is difficult to remove the stain, and the cloth can be wetted with water. When the floor is used for too long, the surface is too dirty, or some corners are not easy to clean, you can add detergent to scrub.

    When cleaning the plastic floor in a large area, use a wet mop to clean it, but it is recommended to use a cleaning machine to make it easier to clean. Regular waxing of the floor allows the floor to be as bright as new, not only to beautify the decorative effect, but also to extend the life of the plastic floor.

    Outdoor sports venues are inevitably subject to wind, sun and rain, and natural phenomena are inevitable. Therefore, people's cleaning requirements for outdoor badminton courts are not very high, and the overall cleanliness is maintained. Do not have too obvious dirt. And impurities can be used, in general, it can be cleaned with 笤帚. The indoor badminton plastic floor avoids the damage caused by the natural phenomenon on the floor, so it is necessary to work hard on the cleaning of the plastic floor.

     Different badminton floor cleaning methods are different. Recently, plastic flooring with a new material has been popular in the market and in sports venues such as gymnasiums and gymnasiums. The badminton plastic sports floor of this material is green, comfortable to step on, and has strong anti-slip ability. The key point is that it is easy to clean, moisture-proof, waterproof, antibacterial and anti-fouling.