How to lay plastic floor?

How to lay plastic floor?

1. The base layer must be smooth, solid and dry when laying. The surface of the plastic floor is smooth, the yin and yang angles are square, no ribs, no oil, dust and impurities. In order to ensure that the surface is flat and not deformed when paving the floor, it is beneficial to the paving. Before the paving, the surface of the floor and the ground should be degreased and dewaxed.

2. the floor is first tested according to the positioning line, and the cutting of the floor that needs to be cut is cut by the cutting knife.

3. When the local board size and the room size are not completely matched, generally a certain size should be left for edging. When the color of the floor between the two rooms is different, the color separation line should be at the door closing position (the tread line), and the floor of another color is not visible inside or outside when the door is closed. Try to avoid small strips at the door.

4. the general order of paving is to first lay the positioning belt, and then paste other parts, from the center to the surrounding paving.

5.after the paving is completed, the floor wax can be used for maintenance.

6. the plastic floor and the base layer must be firmly bonded, no degumming, no empty drum, no warping, uniform glue, no adhesive contamination on the finish.

7. The paved plastic floor should be clean, free of pollution and glue marks. The pattern at the joints is clear, no color difference, the pattern is tightly matched, the edge is flat and straight, and the edge and the wall are connected smoothly and straight, the yin and yang angle Disposal of a reasonable square.

Plastic flooring is widely used and practical. Many people will buy this cheap and practical floor. I hope this article can help you.