How to maintain pvc floor?

The same thing can be used for ten years if you don't pay attention to maintenance; it can be used for fifteen years if it is well maintained. So how to maintain PVC floor?

Tip 1. The first step to do a good job in pvc floor maintenance is to clean frequently, deal with the dirt on the floor in time, and clean the floor regularly.

Tip 2, sand and gravel processing, sand and gravel rubbing and squeezing between the sole and the floor, it is easy to scratch the floor. Put a cushion at the door of the room and wipe the soles of your shoes before entering the door. If possible, go into the house and change slippers. Found sand and gravel to be processed in time

Tip 3, stain treatment, general stains, semi-dry and non-wet mop can be easily taken care of; serious stains, use a neutral detergent to clean up, it is strictly forbidden to use strong acid and strong alkali detergent, you can use a cloth to moisten a proper amount of detergent, Cover and soak the stains for a period of time before processing. It is strictly forbidden to use steel balls and other sharp cleaning tools to wipe the floor.

Tip 4: Fire prevention, isn’t it said that PVC flooring has a fire rating of B1? Why are you afraid of fire? Explanation: High temperature is harmful to the floor. It may not be visible in a short time and there is no problem. However, frequent contact with high-temperature objects will definitely shorten the floor's use time. Therefore, high temperature objects such as cigarette butts, mosquito coils, irons, and pot bottoms should be reduced from "close contact" with the floor.

Tip 5, waterproof. The floor is not hydrophilic, but long-term soaking will affect the use time of the floor. Everyone knows the truth of water droplets and stones, and nothing can last a long time. In addition, the water on the surface of the floor may flow into the bottom layer along the peripheral gaps, especially for home decoration PVC Floor, this will affect the bonding of the glue to the ground and the floor. Therefore, if there is water on the floor, it should be treated in time.

Tips 6, prevent sunlight, should try to avoid direct strong light on the pvc floor, long-term sunlight, the floor will fade.

Tips 7. When moving objects, try not to drag them, especially when you encounter heavy objects or sharp objects on the ground. Dragging can easily scratch the floor.

Tip 8. Those with children and pets should also take precautions. Their destructive ability should not be underestimated.