How to maintain the plastic floor?

How to maintain the plastic floor

1. When transporting furniture and equipment, cushions should be placed on the transportation route, and should not be directly pulled on the floor.

2, in order to prevent scratching the ground, do not wear shoes with nails to walk on the ground, if possible, replace the soft-soled shoes.

3. Put a cushion between the foot of the furniture and equipment and the floor. The cushion size is slightly larger than the base size.

4. When the plastic floor is cleaned, it should be mild neutral detergent and warm water. Do not use strong acid or alkali to clean the floor. Care must be taken when treating floors with organic solvents.

5, usually pay attention to avoid hard or sharp appliances, dropped on the floor to avoid damage to the floor.

6, chewing gum dirt adhered to the plastic floor, can be wrapped in plastic bags, frozen into ice cubes in the refrigerator, then put the ice on the chewing gum, make it cool and hard, and then carefully scrape off.