HPL veneer and PVC anti-static floor features

Purchase anti-static floor General at HPL and select a as their laying PVC anti-static flooring, veneer of different characteristics are not the same, tend to have professional sales staff briefed us on the subtle differences, but they feature is public.

1. certified by ISO14001 international environmental protection products

2. Super wear-resistant: PVC floor surface with a layer of special processed transparent wear layer, wear resistance turns up to 300000, ordinary birthday noodles in 5 years and above, high above 10 years

3. high flexibility and superior impact resistance: has a strong impact resistance and heavy impact damage has a strong elastic recovery, it will not cause damage, excellent PVC floor can reduce the possibility of harm to human body, reducing the probability of injury to personnel fell nearly less than other 70%

4. waterproof non-slip: slip on the surface layer has a strong anti-skid, water down the friction, composed of vinyl resins, and water are incompatible, so more water, and not because of high humidity and mildew

5. fire retardant, acoustic noise, seamless installation is quick and seamless welding. 24 hours after completion can be used