Install pvc plastic floor drums, how to do?

     Before laying the plastic floor, we must strictly check the ground, to prevent all possible sequelae, such as ground hollowing, cracking, sand and other bad ground phenomenon. Today to introduce the ground hollowing method.

PVC Flooring.jpg

     Pvc plastic floor cracking without hollowing part, can be filled with epoxy grouting or high-pressure grouting fill empty drum cracks. Construction steps are as follows:

1, First cut the cracking site into a V-shaped mouth with a cutting machine, install the serpentine connecting steel sheet in the vertical direction along the crack, and then clean the garbage and dust in the seam with a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer.

2, using Henkel well R755 filling joints, before R755 uncured with l-2mm clean quartz sand cover the surface until the R755 completely cured excess quartz sand removed.

3, a small amount of hollowing cracked parts with impact drill hole drilling, hole spacing of about 15-500px, depth to the floor surface, and then use the hair dryer to clean up the dust inside the hole, the installation of grouting head, high pressure grouting machine epoxy resin Into the hollow drum cracking site, when you see cracks in the surface of epoxy overflow can stop grouting.

4, 48 hours after the completion of grouting floor hollowing test once again detect the situation, such as the local hollowing can be grouting again repair.


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