Installation methods and installation price of anti-static floor?

Installation methods and installation price of anti-static floor?

1. First clean the ground.

2, install anti-static floor, then observe the room layout, installation level of the infrared scanner, lay the waist level around the wall, the lowest and highest point and then find out of the room, to calculate the ground surface (the average value of the average value is equal to the requirements of party a mounting height), calculated and adjusted the height of the bracket.

3, choose a corner as the starting point, to find a good level in the wall, according to the level of need wall height, away from the wall to pull 595mm two horizontal walls, this guy is not easy to break and extension, the two must be vertical distribution.

4, after the parallel line is pulled, twist four pay brackets. Make sure the height of the first block. Tighten the fastening screws of the cross member and the bracket. Then adjust the flat plate with the horizontal ruler. Finally, lock the nut on the bracket.

5, after the first adjustment level, according to the direction of the vertical cable laying two rows of floors. Note: the boards must be black and aligned with the edges.

6, vertical two row of floor after finishing, looking for a direction, (can not be vertical laying), must be lined with rows of parallel laying, until the last row. Note: all sides should leave a row until the end of the end, cutting, laying, laying on the way, the Board shall not arbitrarily move, so as not to affect the smoothness.

7, finished last row, should be fixed around the corner angle, and then cutting around the floor. Note: the iron levels should be installed with the floor level, the back angle must have support (wooden support or triangle support).

8, the fixed angle, cutting precision to small floor area, floor area and cutting, and cutting the floor coverings, if the installation of socket, with cutting machine according to the actual size of opening.

9, anti-static floor edge, in the wall or door frame, pillar, depending on the actual size, to cut the motherboard with a chainsaw, or install the appropriate edge off parts. Made of stainless steel or aluminum door angle (angle type) with glass glue or screws fastening.

10, after the flooring shop, must be checked in time, adjust the uneven car, and finally the wall with glass glue filling the gap left when cutting.

11, if the construction site is located in a large temperature difference between the day and night environment (such as high altitude, temperate zone, cold zone), then all the margin should be reserved about 3mm gap to adapt to thermal expansion and cold contraction.

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