Life factors which damage flooring?

In our lives, seemingly mundane things, is likely to have certain risk factors, particularly as we are now laying floors in your House, perhaps our measly little movement is likely to cause unnecessary trouble, that what we now have little trouble?

1. white cloud. Water leaking onto the floor, and the floor surface will turn white. This is due to the durability of the floor wax is bad, floor wax from the surface of the floor split, produced a diffuse phenomena of sake.

2. grease. Floors after the oil, if not to deal with, will have oil stains and discoloration phenomenon. Detergent should be used, satisfied the water carefully, wipe, and waxing.

3. the fan heater. Local long floor blown hot air after the surface layers produces cracks, flooring will shrink the gap. Should mat on the floor for protection.

4. heavy loads. Bedding pads under the piano, refrigerators and other heavy objects protection, prevention of partial weight-bearing is too large and cause the floor SAGs and scratches.

5. the Sun. Direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays can make the floor surface after paint cracking. Use curtains or blinds shade, avoiding direct sunlight.

When we know our daily life brought harm to the floor, that he wants is for us to maintain, what is our static floor maintenance methods?

1) conservation method of surface coating anti-static wax should be used, is strictly prohibited the use of anti-static floor wax.

2) is in use, no hard cold steel rolling, scratching the ground; no heat (electric iron, electric cooker, etc) and low-temperature objects (such as dry ice, liquid nitrogen) direct contact with the ground; to avoid oil non-destructive surface and corrosive chemicals.

3) with anything sharp, rigid chassis, instruments and equipment must not drag on the ground. Shall not be placed on the surface design can withstand more than static ground objects.

4) disassemble anti-static floor, you must use the card, do not use sharp tools such as curling, pulling, beating, smashing. Weight should be supported when smaller pads.

5) with rubber mat, rubber-wheeled device should not be placed directly on the anti-static floor for a long time.

6) anti-static floor during the use of should be kept clean. When we found after dust or dirt, use vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth (not dripping) tools such as the clean ground, when if there is dirt, use neutral detergent to wet surfaces, then wipe clean.