Network differences of flooring, anti-static flooring and antistatic floor

Network floor is what?
Network floor is to adapt to the modern office, also known as the floor specially designed for easy network wiring cabling flooring called netfloor abroad cablefloor
Product category is divided into: plastic network floor steel OA network floor (divided into slot and without slot two)
Product features: high natural formation of low easy to install wiring slot, network headroom and more savings than traditional floor elevated floor need carpet or other flooring, suitable for Office buildings and other large spaces
What is anti-static floor office space?
Anti-static flooring and antistatic floors, called antistatic floor in foreign countries, according to the surface resistivity values into electrostatic conductive and static dissipative
Anti-static floor main category:
1. full anti-static steel raised floor
This high quality steel plate by stamping the floor after soldering, injection of high-strength lightweight material made from high strength, excellent waterproof performance of fireproofing and dampproofing, suitable for hosting demanding equipment room control room monitoring room
2. composite anti-static flooring
This flooring is made of Particleboard cement Particleboard or calcium sulfate as substrate, the market gap is large, high-end laminate flooring is the first choice for luxury room at home and abroad
3. aluminum anti-static flooring
This flooring is aluminum alloy melting after machining, and high intensity, fireproof waterproof performance, base value to more application in the electric power industry
Anti-static flooring and ceramic anti-static tiles (tiles), applicable where high wear resistance of raised floor required
Pu-PVC anti-static floor, also known as the cleanroom floor, the products is PVC resin as the main body, produced by special processing technology, and interface between the formation of conductive network of PVC particles, with permanent anti-static function looks like marble, has good decoration effect applied to telecommunication electronic PABX requirements such as computer room clean room purification and anti-static places
Antistatic floor is what?
Anti-static flooring and antistatic floors, also known as electrostatic dissipative flooring, is when the grounding or connection to any point of lower potential, charge dissipative floor, called the antistatic floor in a foreign country, according to the surface resistivity values into electrostatic conductive and static dissipative. Depending on the environment, anti-static floors have different products to meet its objective to prevent static electricity, such as three-proof anti-static raised floor, antistatic raised floor for all steel, composite anti-static flooring, aluminum anti-static floor, each with a unique purpose, to prevent against the existence of an invisible killer static, reducing the damage caused by static electricity.
Anti-static electric Board applies range very wide, as microelectronics industrial, computer, and communications and the electronic equipment manufacturing, hospital operating room, and anesthesia room, and oxygen's between and so on, especially in some factory, electronic factory, computer room,, due to its around environment in the exists large of electrostatic, electrostatic will on around of electronic products will caused must of against, not only is on machine, instrument, caused against, also electrostatic too much on human is a threat, so fight electrostatic has became has electronic factory, Computer rooms and other important things that cannot be ignored.