Plastic floor correct maintenance method

    After the plastic floor is properly paved, the user can simply clean and maintain the floor according to the following simple maintenance methods provided by us to make the floor in good condition.

1. Preventive measures

80% of the dust on plastic floors is brought into the room outdoors.

Placing a dust mat (ie, a door mat) at the entrance can effectively prevent 90% of the dust from being brought into the room outdoors.

Use high-quality protection mats for the furniture feet.

    2. Daily cleaning and maintenance

Different from the traditional method of using a wet mop to wipe the floor, with a dry mop or vacuum cleaner can more effectively clean the floor and remove dust.

Use a slightly damp mop with a diluted neutral detergent (pH 7-10) to remove dirtier stains.

In the routine maintenance of the plastic floor, the use of a partial stain cleaning method combined with the above two cleaning methods can completely clean the floor of dust and stains.

   3. Periodic maintenance

After the plastic floor has been used for a period of time, in addition to routine maintenance, the floor can be maintained through two major cyclical maintenance methods, wet and spray. This is done using a special machine with a diluted neutral detergent (pH 7-10) and a red cleaning pad.

For plastic flooring, after cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a wet tow, you can use a neutral detergent (pH 7-10) with a soft brush to scrub the floor.

   4.Complete renovation

Use a scouring machine with a red cleaning pad to clean it, wash it with clean water, and use a wet vacuum cleaner to clean it.

The floor is dry-polished using a polisher with a red cleaning pad; this not only smoothes the floor, it also bridges the small scratches and damage on the floor.


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