Purchase anti-static flooring easy to lose sight of some

Anti-static floor more and more by consumers of all ages. With environmental of people of consciousness, in purchase anti-electrostatic floor Shi consumers has learned has will eye into has wear and formaldehyde release volume quality, anti-water, color model, specifications of several important aspects of size has, but in floor of select Accessories and floor installation Shi is not too note details, often ignored has key of problem, doesn't matter, these small things, results led to has big problem floor of using.

Anti-static flooring products is three points, seven-minute install flooring installation and installation of the required material, should pay more attention. In fact, high quality flooring and floor covering the importance of not less than the floor itself. Floor coverings flooring plays a very important role, often per square metre kick with 1.1-meter square meters of the floor mats, there are glues and fasteners. In the flooring market is increasingly regulated environment, decoration pollution is often caused by accessories. So when purchasing flooring accessories with the product are carefully selected. Now, a new trend of fewer and fewer problems in the flooring market ingredients, excipients issues continue to emerge. Especially the formaldehyde problem, people are most concerned about when people glued to the floor the main ingredient, but ignores the flooring materials used are environmentally friendly and durable. High quality flooring products with high quality materials and perfect installation and after-sales service system, known as good flooring.

In anti-electrostatic floor select Shi, not only to note "mainstream" (that basic quality index floor); should attention "details" (that, material and installation and the after-sales service system); last, to life, future not left any of problem, with "10 ring" environmental logo certification of products, these products in selection, design, production of all link, paving,, best of select is strictly of environment management, regardless of is in main components, or material, in all of environment standard reached components.