PVC floor advantages and applications

      Most of the plastic floor products are made of PVC composites. The interlayers contain glass fiber that is stretchable and the surface of which is UV-reinforced. It will become a high-tech, new process, environmental protection, and art. In one of the new generation of environmentally friendly products, and is forming a trend in the country, its sound absorption, antibacterial, comfort is a large number of walk into the family, sports stadiums, star-rated hotels, wine shops, high-end apartment office schools, hospitals, and The field of commercial engineering has changed people‚Äôs understanding of traditional flooring materials.

1. Education system

    The education system is one of the most widely used areas of PVC. School places such as classrooms, laboratories, and offices have PVC floor covering applications.

2. Children's indoor places

     Strictly speaking, children's indoor places can be divided into education systems. This is a separate category because PVC floors are much more used and practical in kindergarten than other flooring products, and given that users are mostly children, There are differences in performance considerations.

3. Medical, transportation, industrial (non-heavy load area) systems.

4. Commercial establishments

     PVC flooring business market is huge, many large supermarket shopping malls, business buildings, etc., will choose PVC flooring. When choosing a commercial floor, taking into account the problem of large people flow, the degree of wear of the product is an important indicator.

5. Sports ground

     PVC flooring is an elastic flooring material, so it can be used in sports venues to provide safety protection. At the same time, athletes will have better sports experience.

6. Home system

     In advocating sustainable environmental protection and energy conservation today, PVC flooring into the home improvement is an inevitable trend. Due to the quality requirements of home improvement, PVC used in home improvement occasions will be relatively upscale

     PVC flooring is used in factories, schools, hospitals, laboratories, libraries, museums, offices, shopping malls and other places that require beautiful and comfortable dust, moisture, corrosion, and abrasion resistance. It is foreseeable that in the near future, plastic flooring will become the material for consumers' floor decoration.


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