pvc floor classification

    Pvc floor can be distinguished by the four major dimensions, followed by: structure, shape, degree of wear and applicable places.

    According to the floor structure can be divided into: homogeneous heart-type and multi-layer composite. Homogeneous heart that is one from top to bottom, not hierarchical. Dance training places more applications. Composite structure layer, from top to bottom are: UV layer, wear layer, printing layer, the stability layer and the grass-roots level, according to the requirements, the number of layers will be different. According to different grassroots structure subdivision: compact (compression) and foam (buffer)

    According to the floor shape can be divided into: coil floor and sheet flooring.

According to the degree of wear points: universal and durable. Universal is the main production and sales of products on the market; durable only applies to places with large traffic, such as airports, railway stations, cars, etc.

Divided by the use of places: dance flooring, kindergarten flooring, sports flooring, commercial flooring, home improvement pvc flooring.

    The dance floor is now dominated by homogeneous heart, the earliest use of sports flooring instead, but the surface texture of the dance moves to complete the removal of the surface texture; kindergarten floor structure for the multi-layer composite floor color due to lively, pattern Diverse, the market demand, separated from the commercial floor; sports floor composite foam structure, surface non-slip texture, the thickness of more than twice the conventional pvc floor; commercial floor, with a word to describe is "wide." Appellation, including the hospital floor, office plastic flooring, nursing home flooring, airport flooring, etc .; according to the structure, shape and wear-resistant floor to distinguish between the floor, can be included. Home improvement pvc floor to sheet the main floor, also known as stone floor plastic sheeting or stone plastic floor tiles, the current home improvement market with plastic flooring more popular plastic floor, the ground level of the case, can operate independently.


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