pvc floor construction process can not be ignored important factor

pvc floor construction process can not be ignored important factor

     First, the intensity of the basic level

     If the grass-roots level does not meet the requirements of strength or too low, the epoxy coating will be opened after curing the mortar surface peeling and the scene available wire brush friction, you can also use the rebound hammer concrete strength test concrete base level, or with a small iron Hammer beat to determine the level of basic level, but also the scene to do bond strength (more than 1MPa is appropriate) test;

     Second, the basic level of dryness

     Because the concrete and mortar to find the plane of the construction process contains a lot of water until the construction of the surface coating must be dried to the required extent, the scene can be based on curing time after the construction of grass-roots level to simply determine whether the surface is white or measured moisture (must be based on the grassroots Has been moisture-proof, waterproof layer processing);

     Third, "flatness"

     That is, there is no irregular and uneven surface at the grassroots level. The coating film is rather thin compared with the mortar layer. The flatness of the grassroots surface directly affects the overall apparent quality of the coating film. A 2-meter long ruler can be used at the grassroots level On the see the gap appears within 5mm as a flat surface determination method, the higher requirements of the self-leveling coatings on the ground as far as possible 2 m ruler gap within 3 mm, the construction can be by mechanical grinding machine For further partial "leveling";

    Fourth, the smoothness of the grass-roots level

    Smoothness that the grass-roots level with a metal trowel smear is very smooth, there is no rough matte surface film will also affect the adhesion between the grass-roots level, if the grassroots level may be a rough base intensity is insufficient, and second, consume a lot of material , So the proper roughness of the final effect of the ground coating is a key factor in the scene with more light sandblasting (pill) machine surface treatment and suction dust.

    Fifth, welding process

    Cleaned the gap between the floor. (Including glue, oil) Discretes the wire according to the gap of the floor. Use a utility knife or slotted triangular knife to be slotted or brushed on both sides of the gap to be welded (mainly for smooth melting of the wire into the floor gap). Adjust the temperature on the torch, the welding wire dissolved in the gap in the floor, first with a utility knife along the plane of the plane to promote the same direction to carry out trimming. Then when the joints are completely cooled, a second rest with a utility knife ensures that the electrode is flush with the floor material. Cut the wire over the floor level. Folding corner: use the torch to soften the floor at the corner before curling. (Curling out to be installed with welded joints concave corner line) Note: After the construction is completed within 10 days can not use plenty of water to clean the ground, because the glue is fully cured takes about 10 days, if this time with a lot of water To clean the ground, the water will seep through into the gap, undermining the adhesive strength of the glue, (except for the well-welded coil), the glue must be applied within 3-6 hours.

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