PVC floor installation why there drum problems

    PVC floor bulge bulge problem is the current PVC floor construction and use of the most prone to problems, most people first find the floor problem ...... PVC floor bulge analysis:

    First, under what circumstances may be a floor problem - the intact new PVC floor tile in a smooth, clean, dry, dry ground (do not squeegee); ambient temperature is maintained at 20 ℃ -38 ℃, the relative humidity of the air is not More than 75%; time more than 24 hours - the floor what is the problem, what is the problem.

    Second, the installation of the floor drum kits, the reasons generally find the ground foundation; choice of auxiliary materials; construction climate, temperature; construction process, details; the use of links.

    The foundation of the ground floor moisture is not good; foundation ground leveling, sclerosis failed; foundation ground is not dry (moisture content> 3%); self-leveling drum kits, self-leveling did not do a good job since the leveling ash gray, glue wrong, Low temperature (temperature below 13 ℃), the construction of large humidity (> 75%), airing time wrong, the floor exhaust is not in place, just paste on the welding (glue uncured), infiltration of water under the floor and so on.

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