PVC floor maintenance and repair

Gravel protection: should use the PVC anti-static floor room door, placing a stone protective mats at the entrance of the Hall, prevention shoes bring sand into the room will be scratching the surface of the floor.

Goods handling protection: when handling items, especially when asked has metal sharp things, do not drag on the floor, in case the floor injured.

Fire protection: PVC anti-static floor is a fire rating (B1) of the floor, does not mean that the floor will not be pyrotechnic burn, so when people use PVC flooring, not burning cigarette, mosquito coils, electric irons, hot metal object is placed directly above the floor, so as to avoid floor damage.

Regular floor maintenance: PVC anti-static floor cleaning use neutral detergent, can't use a strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents to clean the ground, cleaning and maintenance work on a regular basis.

Contamination: contamination of ink on PVC anti-static floor. Food, greasy dirt should wipe, and then scrubbed with diluted detergent traces, black leather shoes can be difficult to remove use of residual veil stained pine perfume scrub, pine perfume poured on the floor may not be clean, scrubbed to repair wax after conservation.

Chemical protection: avoid direct stranded a lot of sweat on the floor surface, sweat soaked for a long time can cause damage to protective coating caused by surface contamination on the surface of the floor, hard to clean dirt.

Sun protection: Although each piece of PVC anti-static floor surface UV UV processing has been done, but after a strong direct sunlight for a long time, still has the potential to cause discoloration, fading at the floor surface, so try to avoid the floor a long glare, protection is still necessary, this can help to extend the life span of the floor.