Pvc floor paving construction process-full scraping glue paving

pvc floor paving construction process-full scraping glue paving

The pvc floor construction is divided into: self-leveling construction and floor paving construction. Paving is further divided into: full-squeegee paving and adhesive tape paving. The self-leveling construction is carried out before the floor paving. The full squeegee paving is suitable for kindergarten floors and commercial floors, and the adhesive tape paving is suitable for sports floors and dance floors.

Process one: Pre-laying. Requirements: solid ground, no sand, no powder, clean and dry, within 2 meters of height difference within 2mm or polished and cleaned self-leveling; Material: pvc floor (with volume number); Method: Align and lay according to the roll number. 

Process two: scraping glue. Requirements: pre-laid floor; Tools: special squeegee; Material: special glue for pvc floor; Method: Roll up the whole pre-paved floor to half, pour appropriate amount of glue on the ground, and scrape it evenly with a scraper. 

Process three: laying. Requirements: The glue does not stick to your hands (about 20 minutes after scraping the glue); Tools: cork board; Method: After the glue does not stick to your hands, spread the rolled up floor, and use a cork board to scrape and push it firmly; After laying, roll up the other half of the squeegee to lay. 

Process four: trimming. Requirements: The whole piece of ground glue is laid; Tools: steel ruler, hook knife or wallpaper knife; Method: After pressing the extra steel rulers in the corners, use a hook knife or a wallpaper knife to cut off; Clean up the site. 

Process five: slotted connection. Requirements: Laying and finishing are completed; Tools: steel ruler, slotter, welding torch, crescent blade or trowel; Material: welding wire; Method: 1. Slotting --- Align the steel rulers along the joints of the floor, and slot with a slotting knife. The length of the slot is controlled at one-third of the total thickness of the floor. 2. Connection---Connect the welding gun along the slotted position. After completion, use a crescent spatula to smooth the raised welding wire.