pvc plastic floor construction on the ground requirements

      PVC plastic flooring due to its thermal expansion and contraction of the physical properties, many customers reflect the floor in the winter pavement will often shop uneven. In fact, this is not a big problem, as long as a little attention, PVC office flooring in the winter can easily shop very smooth

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     First, the installation of PVC flooring insulation to pay attention

    When using PVC office floors, consumers must pay attention to the gradual heating of floors and floors. When installed, the surface temperature should be maintained at about 18 ℃. Before installation, the concrete floor temperature should be gradually increased by 5 ℃ daily until it reaches about 18 ℃ so far. In the first 3 days after the installation is completed, the temperature should be maintained for 3 days before it can be warmed up as needed, and the temperature can only be raised by 5 ℃ per day.

     Second, pay attention to warming step by step

    First use of geothermal heating, attention should be slowly warming. For the first time, the first three days of heating should be gradually warmed: the first day the water temperature is 18 ℃, the next day 25 ℃, the third day 30 ℃, the fourth day can rise to the normal temperature, the water temperature 45 ℃, the surface temperature 28 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Can not heat up too fast, too fast, PVC office floor may be due to swell cracking distortion phenomenon.

     Third, once again enabled a long time, heating should be gradual

     When geothermal heating system is activated for a long time, it should be heated up strictly according to the heating program as the first time.

     Fourth, the surface temperature can not be too high

     It should be noted that the use of geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 28 ℃, the water temperature can not exceed 45 ℃, if it exceeds this temperature, it will affect the PVC office floor life and life cycle. The average family, the winter temperature reaches about 22 ℃, it has been very comfortable, normal warming, it will not affect the use of geothermal floor.


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