PVC plastic floor features

First, the plastic floor, also known as PVC floor, has a rich color pattern and color. At present, PVC plastic floor has been widely used in sports fields, home and business. The characteristics of PVC plastic flooring are extremely clear, and the advantages are a large proportion.

Second, the advantages of plastic flooring:

1. Green and environmental protection: The main raw material for the production of PVC plastic floor is polyvinyl chloride. PVC is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been obtained in many aspects, especially the many kitchen utensils and tableware on the market. Vinyl chloride is made from raw materials.

2, ultra-light and ultra-thin: PVC plastic floor is only 2-3mm thickness, only 2-3KG per square meter, less than 10% of ordinary floor materials. In the high-rise buildings, there is an unparalleled advantage for building weight and space savings.

3, super strong anti-skid: PVC plastic floor surface wear layer has a special anti-slip property, PVC plastic floor in the case of sticky water, the foot feels more awkward, not like the ordinary floor, people go up and have a kind of fear The feeling of tremor is that it is not easy to slip on the PVC plastic floor, that is, the more the water is smashed.

4, fire retardant: a quality qualified PVC plastic floor fire protection index can be as low as B1, and it does not burn itself, so it also has a certain flame retardancy.

5, super wear-resistant: PVC plastic floor surface wear-resistant layer wear-resistant number up to 300,000 rpm, is currently several times the common floor wear resistance coefficient, even compared with the high wear-resistant coefficient of laminate flooring, The wear resistance of PVC plastic flooring is more than twice that of laminate flooring.

6, high elasticity and super impact resistance: PVC plastic floor texture is soft, so the elasticity is very good, under the impact of heavy objects have a good elastic recovery, which also determines the PVC plastic floor's impact resistance is super strong.

7, waterproof and moisture-proof: vinyl resin and water have no affinity, so water can not penetrate PVC plastic floor, unless the floor is soaked in water for a long time.

Third, in addition, PVC plastic floor also has good sound and noise prevention effect, strong antibacterial performance, small joints and seamless welding, simple and easy to cut and splicing, quick installation and installation, variety of colors, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, heat conduction Many advantages such as warmth.

In summary, PVC plastic flooring is indeed a relatively perfect building decoration material.


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