Steel classifications and their respective advantages of anti-static floor

First, PVC anti-static steel raised floor
Structure: floors for all steel components, the underside with deep level stretches plates, sheet metal forming, shell fill foam cement in the Middle; large carrying capacity, impact resistance is strong; paste the crack new PVC veneer, Zhou has conductive black border. Steel floor due to the effective solution to the veneer of breaking, skin problems, and networking support and square tubular beams and screw Assembly; Exchange performance, overlay effect in appearance. Get market recognition and praise.
Second, thicker steel anti-static raised floor
Flooring for all steel components, thick steel plates. Matching network bracket and square tube cross beam, screw Assembly. Paste thick wear-resistant whole body PVC veneer, high abrasion resistance, padded balance sheet, solve fracture problem, can be customized to the floor. Permanent PVC veneer characteristics: ① 2.0mm thickness PVC veneer, high wear-resistant and anti-static properties. ② PVC laminate with excellent ductility, suppleness and good, when the temperature in the engine room, isotropic expansion, never breaks, corners, particularly in winter heating heating room, can solve the steel floor cover fracture problems. ③ new PVC layer of raw plastic materials, environmental quality; has special requirement on day-to-day maintenance, easy clean up.
Three, ceramic cover all steel anti-static raised floor
Steel plate base, anti-static tiles cover, color variety. Extra durable, three (waterproof, fire retardant, anti-static), applies to a variety of high-end rooms, types of steel is developed very rapidly in recent years.
Four, full steel ventilation Panel
Match common plate, for underfloor engine room and warm room, adjustable floor and not flooring, ventilation for overnight ventilation plate, plain bearing floor.
Five, anti-static full steel elevated floor
Anti-static full steel elevated floor substrate mainly consists of high quality high strength cold-rolled steel sheet and drawing components. By stretching, spot welding, surface spray. Fill the inner cavity of lightweight foam filler is stuck with high wear-resistant anti-static flame retardant cover, around Visco-static-free edge.