The difference between PVC plastic floor and marble

◆Stone and other stones are very heavy, which brings a lot of burden to transportation and construction, especially will cause huge damage to the main structure of high-rise buildings.

◆Stone is slippery when it meets water, the texture is cold, and the marble is radioactive, and the granite contains radon, which is harmful to the human body.

◆Marble price is high, but the laying effect is very high grade, suitable for high-end places. Generally, marble is more suitable for use on the first floor lobby and other places.

The PVC floor is light, environmentally friendly and economical and has a wide range of applications.

From the comparison of various ground materials known in the past, it is easy to see that PVC flooring has many advantages. This is a performance that other floors do not have, which is why countries such as Europe and the United States vigorously promote the use of pvc flooring in many places to replace traditional flooring. In the post-disaster reconstruction of Japan, pvc flooring was also designated as the first choice for special ground materials.