The difference of PVC floor and linen floor

The difference of PVC floor and linen floor 

    PVC floor and linen floor belong to the same flexible floor, but different:

    Composition and production process are different: Flax flooring is made from oxidized flaxseed oil, a mixture of cork and wood flour, laminated to a jute backing. The PVC floor is based on PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other excipients in the sheet-like continuous substrate, the coating process or by calendering, extrusion Or extrusion process produced. From this point of speaking linen is pure natural linen raw materials, and PVC flooring is made of PVC material, but also green materials.

    Abrasion resistance and stability of the difference: Flax flooring resistance to nick General, soft under the soft linen floor, which is why thick linen floor scoring resistance is not very good reason, compared to PVC floor resistance Grinding better. In addition, the general dimensional stability of linen flooring, therefore, must use a very strong glue, as a whole, flax flooring stability than PVC floor.

    There is a difference in the ease of maintenance: flax flooring needs to be cured under natural light, there is a difference between the sample and the real thing, yellowing and flax flooring is less resistant to maintenance products (PH> 7), flax flooring needs to be refurbished, Wax must use special care products. Flax flooring is much harder than PVC flooring, but because of the porous surface, all stains must be quickly removed or the surface will leave a hard-to-remove blot that would have to be refinished and waxed. Because it is not a thermoplastic material, it can not be reused, and scalding can be easily worn off, but for deeper burns, penetrating PVC flooring is much easier to grind than linen flooring.

    There are differences in the ease of installation: it is more difficult to install linen flooring, and if the interior temperature is too low, the flax flooring will break. Because of its absorptive nature and dimensional instability, the product must be quickly installed with strong glue. For example, one installation team can lay 80 to 100㎡ of PVC floor in a day, or maybe only 60㎡ of linen floor can be laid. Flaxseed oil is insensitive to temperature and can not be welded with the same material. Therefore, it is not welded but "seamed", so flax flooring can not be classified as E3 waterproofing. Flax flooring is not suitable for damp rooms or clean Required area. Linen floor will emit a strong smell, stay in the installation of the room.

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