The difference of PVC floor and tile

The difference of PVC floor and tile

   Composition and production process is different: the so-called ceramic tile, is a refractory metal oxide and semi-metal oxide, through the grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering process, and the formation of a kind of acid-resistant porcelain or stone, etc. The building or decorative materials, collectively referred to as tiles. Its raw materials and more from clay, quartz sand and so mixed.

    Performance and maintenance are different: non-slip tiles and cold texture, maintenance is also troublesome, very easy to dirty.

    Installation is different: heavy tiles, the installation is more strenuous, and after installation is difficult to move away, can not be reused. The PVC floor light texture, installation is very simple, in the original ground can be directly paved without compression space, so in the transformation of old buildings is very suitable.

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