The reasons of PVC floor bulge

common problem:

  A: The ground is not dry

  Dry ground requirements, moisture content ≤ 3% - otherwise self-leveling and the floor are very likely bulging.

  Two: self-leveling is not dry

 Spread online: self-leveling generally 24 to 48 hours to do a good job, you can PVC flooring pavement - it is not practical, irresponsible - self-leveling must be dry (moisture content ≤ 3%); gravity Flat is not dry, PVC flooring will inevitably bulge.

  Three: since the leveling ash serious

  Due to the ground floor problems; or self-leveling quality problems; or construction aspects of the problem; or temperature, climate problems, appear serious since the gray level, and finally lead to the PVC floor did not stick to the ground.

  Four: Fucai selection error

  Auxiliary materials in the construction of PVC floor is essential - different technology, different specifications, different structures of PVC flooring requirements of the auxiliary material is not the same; different places, different sites and environments, different seasons and climate requirements of the auxiliary material Not the same - few people take this seriously.

  Such as glue - nowadays people use a popular glue called "sheet glue", the glue professionals call it "fool glue" - PVC flooring materials in the field of leaders, rigorous Germans "can not This ... is called 'glue' '.

  Five: low temperature

  Pavement PVC flooring must ensure a reasonable ambient temperature, the general requirements of the temperature is maintained at 20 ℃ -35 ℃; below 15 ℃ must be careful construction; less than 5 ℃ prohibit construction.

The reasons of PVC floor bulge.jpg

   Six: air humidity

   Required air relative humidity between 20% -75%, more than 75% should not be paved PVC floor.

   Seven: glue drying time is unreasonable

   Different glue, different floor, different ground, different environment, etc. - glue drying time is not the same - the need for pavement master's professionalism, experience accumulation, responsibility, professionalism and so on.

   Eight: exhaust is not in place

   Exhaust after the PVC floor pavement needs timely, careful, patient, hard, meticulous, comprehensive and so on.

   Nine: not compacted

   PVC floor glue, the general requirements in about 2 hours and then at least 50 ㎏ pressure roller full pressure again; special circumstances must also take more effective measures.

   Ten: welding too early

   PVC plastic flooring, generally require 24 hours after welding - welding too early, there may be welded floor arch arched phenomenon.


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