What is PVC plastic floor

    Pvc is the English abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride monomer polymer, also known as polyvinyl chloride resin. Prefabricated materials used for paving the ground floor. Made of PVC floor called pvc floor.

PVC resin powder.jpg

    Pvc amorphous white powder structure, the smaller degree of branching, the relative density of about 1.4, the glass transition temperature of 77 ~ 90 ℃, about 170 ℃ began to decompose, poor light and heat stability, at 100 ℃ above or after a long time Sun exposure, it will decompose and produce hydrogen chloride, and further automatic catalytic decomposition, causing discoloration, the physical and mechanical properties also decreased rapidly in the practical application of stabilizers must be added to improve the heat and light stability.

    According to the amount of vinyl chloride in PVC resin can be divided into: industrial grade, food grade, sanitary grade three.

Polyvinyl chloride resin is a general-purpose synthetic resin. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in the production and processing of PVC hard products, soft products, paints and adhesives.

     According to their application areas a) building materials: flooring, drainage pipes, fittings, plates, profiles and so on. b) Packaging materials: food, tobacco packaging film. c) electronic equipment: such as wires, cables, tapes, latches and so on. d) furniture, decoration materials. e) Others: such as automotive materials, medical equipment and so on


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