Why to use anti-static floor what are the advantages of the engine room and function

In various small rooms, all steel anti-static flooring can effectively prevent the adverse effects of static electricity to the engine room and electronic equipment, so the development of anti-static floor is greatly. Then for the computer room, using steel anti-static floor concrete advantages:
1. electrostatic charge through steel anti-static floor leaked into the ground, prevent charge build-up on the lab equipment operation hazard.

2. all steel characteristics of anti-static flooring is easy to install, as well as floor, has good flexibility for later computer room equipment, provides a convenient cable change and expansion.

3. anti-static steel raised floor belong to the floor, laying cables under the floor space of its own, so that the whole room clean and beautiful.

4. all steel anti-static floor space below, can be used as the static pressure air supply wind, wind through the anti-static floor air supply delivered to anywhere in the room.

5. anti-static full steel plate can support proper regulation, eliminating uneven ground, ensure room ground level.