Loose Lay Vinyl Planks

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Product Details
Composition:100% virgin PVC material/ Fiberglass Layer
Construction: Loose Lay
Wear Layer Thickness: 0.3/0.55/0.7 mm
Overall Thickness: 3/4/5 mm
Finish: Polyguard/hp (UV polyurethane)
Edge Profile: Bevel
Installation: Floating/ DIY level
Measurements: 228.6x1219.2mm, 228.6x1524mm, 310x620mm
Features & Benefits : Glue-free Installation, Scratch & Slip resistant, Soundproof, Waterproof, Anti microbial

Access Loose Lay LVT Collection Fast fitting loose lay flooring that combines original design with practical performance. Lay with or without adhesive for minimum interruption to business activities and install over raised access flooring for easy maintenance. Easy and quick to install  


Originally developed by the company

Protected by national patent of the company

Much softer and more stable, compare other loose lay from Asia

loose lay vinyl planks

loose lay vinyl planks