ESD Flooring Maintenance Methods

  ESD Flooring maintenance methods:

  1, attention to the use of the environment: the laying of ESD Flooring room temperature should be controlled at 15 degrees -35 degrees, humidity control in the 45% -75% RH;

  2, daily maintenance details:

  (1) prohibit the use of sharp equipment directly on the ESD Flooring surface construction operations to prevent damage to the surface of the anti-static performance and aesthetic level;

  (2) prohibit the staff from the height of the direct jump to the floor, prohibit the handling of the floor when the barbaric operation, damage to the floor;

  (3) When moving the equipment on an ESD Flooring, it is forbidden to push the equipment directly on the floor to prevent scratches the floor. The correct way is to lift the equipment for handling;

  (4) can not be in the engine room heavy equipment directly on the ESD Flooring, so easy to cause the floor due to long-term load caused deformation, the correct approach is to heavy equipment placed on the ground base.

  3, after the laying of the floor is completed, we must always keep the flow of indoor air.

  4, heavy items should be placed smoothly, furniture and heavy objects can not be hard to push and pull drag, so as not to scratch the surface of wear-resistant layer.

  5, can not use a knife scraping, plan the floor surface.

  6, the use of 10 million can not be soaked in water floor, if any accident, should be dry with dry towel dry floor.

  7, to keep the ESD Flooring dry and clean, the surface of the floor if there is dirt, generally do not drip with a drizzle can dry.

  8, to prevent ESD Flooring of the cooking utensils were baked and deformation.

  9, should be placed in front of a rub foot pad to reduce the sand on the floor of the wear and tear.

  10, with a special cleaning agent to remove spots and stains. Can not be used to damage the performance of clean items, such as metal tools, nylon friction pad and bleaching powder.

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