ESD Flooring Technology Requirements

  ESD Flooring Technology Requirements

  (1) Clean up the ground: The original ground floor should be flat, no obvious rugged place with a shovel knife to eradicate debris on the ground, and clean up.

  (2) Positioning line: According to the size of the room and equipment layout, according to the active floor plate modulus, laying out the plan and reasonable laying method, should follow the following principles:

  A. If the room has no control cabinets and other equipment, the geometrical size of the plate in line with the activity of the module, it should be laid out inward.

  B. If the interior plane size does not conform to the plate modulus, should be the indoor two direction of the central point to find out, look at the size difference between the two sides, if the difference is not obvious, it should be in the outward laying;

  C. If there is no control cabinet and other equipment on the floor (when the hole is to be left), its laying direction and order should be considered synthetically.

  D. Determine the height of ESD Flooring laying according to the design requirements.

  Synthesis of the above, anti-static floor laying method after the determination, to find in, Set Square, split lattice, positioning the line work, that is, the need to mark the line on the ground, but also the elevation line in the surrounding walls, in order to control the construction operation.

  (3) The installation of fixed adjustable bracket and beam: to the wall around the interior of the level of control line and the floor on the ground has been playing a good position of the division placed adjustable bracket, and the beam, with a small line and horizontal ruler to adjust the support height to the whole room and so on. Each nut in the floor should be tightened after leveling to form a networked bracket.

  (4) Laying of movable floor: laying activities of the plate and adjust the level of height,ESD Flooring to ensure that the four corners contact flat, tight, the activity of the plate does not meet the modulus, the insufficient part of the actual size can be cut after the insert (cutting floors to fine), and equipped with the corresponding adjustable bracket and

  (5) Anti-Static grounding: After the installation of the movable floor should be connected to the ground, its technical performance should conform to the design requirements and construction acceptance code.

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