A Good Way To Pick ESD Flooring

A good way to pick ESD Flooring

1, the first need to accurately calculate the computer room construction required ESD Flooring of the total area (or block) and a variety of accessories (standard ratio of 1: 3.5.1: 5.2), and leave the margin, so as to avoid waste Or shortage.

2, fully understand the manufacturers of ESD Flooring produced by the variety and quality, and a variety of technical performance indicators.

The technical performance of ESD Flooring mainly refers to its mechanical properties and electrical properties. Mechanical properties of the main consideration of its carrying capacity, wear resistance. Install the ESD Flooring on the overlapped truss beam, flat ESD Flooring, the carrying capacity should reach a uniform load greater than 1000kg / m2, ESD Flooring on any part of the centralized load should be greater than 300kg, When the loading load of 300cm is 6kg, the deflection amount should be less than 2mm, and there is no permanent deformation.

Adjustable support should be able to withstand more than 1000kg vertical load, and the board should have a certain degree of wear resistance. Electrical performance is mainly the system resistance, surface resistance. The system resistance should be 106Ω-109Ω, at a temperature of 21 ± 1.5 ℃, relative humidity of 30%, the static electricity on the floor should be less than 2500V, the surface resistance should be 106Ω-109Ω.

3, should be the engine room all the equipment in the weight of the heaviest equipment as the benchmark to determine the ESD Flooring load, which can prevent some of the equipment caused by excessive deformation of the floor or damage.

4, ESD Flooring by the impact of external environmental conditions change small. That is, because the ambient temperature is too high, too low a significant expansion and contraction, that is, when the room temperature is slightly higher, ESD Flooring expansion expansion, can not be removed and replaced; low temperature ESD Flooring shrinkage, resulting in loose feeling. ESD Flooring by the environmental impact of shrinkage should be less than 0.5mm, plate surface deflection should be less than 0.25mm.

5, ESD Flooring surface should not reflect, do not slip, corrosion-resistant, dust-free, no dust, easy to clean.