Advantages Of Plastic Flooring

  Advantages of plastic flooring:

  1, waterproof anti-skid: the surface of the special structure of high density, simulation grain / marble pattern / carpet pattern / granite and other lines, with water more astringent, non-slip, home pavement can lift the elderly and children's safety concerns. Its characteristics are stone, tiles and so unmatched.

  2, super wear-resistant: ground material wear degree, Plastic Floor depending on the surface wear-resistant layer of material and thickness, not just look at the total thickness of the floor tiles. Pvc floor surface covered 0.2-0.8mm thickness polymer special material, high wear resistance, the same product for the longest life. Comparison of a thin layer of composite wood flooring transparent film or a layer of ceramic tile on the tile, it is too much.

  3, light weight: the weight after construction. Plastic Floor Lighter than the weight of the construction of wood flooring 10 times lighter than the weight of construction after the tile 20 times lighter than the weight of stone construction after 25 times the light, the most suitable for three or more high buildings, office buildings and other practical. Reduce the weight of its building, safe and secure, and easy handling.

  4, construction convenience: no cement and sand, do not need to move wood, special mortar paving, fast and easy. Product variety, a version of rock, gravel, marble and wood and other series, free match, save time and effort, a OK. Good flexibility: Plastic Floor special elastic structure, impact resistance, and foot feeling appropriate for the family to provide the highest guarantee of daily life.

  5, thermal conductivity is good: heat only a few minutes, heat uniform, no stone, tiles of cold feeling, winter barefoot, not afraid.

  6, easy maintenance: usually with water mop scrub can be, in case of stains, wipe with an eraser or thin rub can be clean.

  7, green: non-toxic harmless, the human body, the environment no side effects, and does not contain radioactive elements, the best ground building materials.

  8, fire retardant: fire test, Plastic Floor leave the fire that is automatically extinguished, safe and secure life.

  9, Naisuan Jian: through the professional instructions test. Moisture, anti-insects, not afraid of corrosion.

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