ESD Flooring According To The Design Requirements To Determine The Laying Height

  ESD Flooring according to the design requirements to determine the laying height

  (1) clean up the ground: the original grass-roots ground should be flat, no obvious rugged place with a shovel to eliminate the debris on the ground, and clean up.

  (2) positioning line: according to the room flat size and equipment layout, ESD Flooring according to the activities of the floor block modulus, the development of laying programs and reasonable laying methods, should follow the following principles:

  A. Such as indoor control cabinet and other equipment, geometric size in line with the activities of the floor block modulus, should be laid from the inside out.

  B. If the indoor plane size does not meet the plate modulus, ESD Flooring the two directions should be the center of the room to find out the difference between the size of the two sides, if the difference is not obvious, should be laying out from the outside; if the difference is large, should be carried out Symmetrical grid, from inside to outside laying.

  C. If there is no control cabinet on the floor and other equipment (to stay when the hole), its laying direction and order should be considered.

  D. According to the design requirements to determine the laying height.

  In addition to the above, laying method to determine, to find, set, sub-grid, positioning work line, that is, the need to mark the grid line on the ground, ESD Flooring but also the standard line marked on the walls, Operation control during construction.

  (3) the installation of fixed adjustable support and beams: to be around the walls of the room to draw the elevation of the control line and the ground floor has been playing a good sub-grid position adjustable adjustable bracket, and frame beams, with small lines and horizontal Adjust the bearing height to the whole room height. ESD Flooring Each of the bolts supported by the floor should be tightened after leveling to form a mesh support.

  (4) laying the activities of the floor: the laying of the activities of the floor and adjust the level of height to ensure that the four corners contact smooth, tight, the activities of the floor block does not meet the modulus, the lack of parts can be cut according to the actual size of the inserts (cutting the floor to fine) And equipped with the corresponding adjustable bracket and beam.

  (5) anti-static grounding: the installation of the floor should be completed after the ground connection, ESD Flooring the technical performance should meet the design requirements and construction acceptance specifications.