ESD Flooring Belong To The Engine Room Safety And Protection Of The Scope Of The Part

Antistatic flooring is also called a dissipated electrostatic floor, a floor that, when grounded or connected to any lower potential, allows the charge to dissipate, with a resistance of 10 in the order of 10 to 10 Between the characteristics.

Computer room anti-static technology, is part of the scope of security and protection of the engine room. Due to various causes of static electricity, is the most frequent, most difficult to eliminate one of the hazards. Static electricity will not only cause the computer to run a random failure, malfunction or operation error, but also may lead to some components, such as CMOS, MOS circuits, two-stage circuit breakdown and destruction. In addition, static electricity on the computer's external equipment also has a significant impact, with a cathode ray tube display device, when subjected to static interference, it will cause the image disorder, fuzzy please. Static electricity will also cause Modem, network card, fax and other work disorders, the printer is not normal print failure.

Static problems caused by the hardware is not only difficult to detect, and sometimes the software staff mistaken for software failure, resulting in confusion. In addition, static electricity through the human body when the computer or other equipment discharge (the so-called ignition) when the energy reaches a certain level, will give people the feeling of electric shock (for example, sometimes touch the computer monitor or chassis)

Note: anti-static floor laying, be sure to carry out anti-static grounding and then protect the resistance box, or can not achieve anti-static effect.

The scope of application

Sector sector:

Anti-static elevated floor is mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communication room, satellite ground station room, radio control room, TV launcher control room, broadcast control room, monitoring Room, central control room and so on.

Microelectronics Industry:

Anti-static products in the microelectronics industry has a wide range of applications for electronic components, semiconductors, electronic products assembly and large-scale, ultra-large scale integrated circuit of the clean room, to avoid the body in the workshop to produce static electricity. Control electrostatic discharge to computer communications, all kinds of electronic equipment and electrostatic sensitive devices to prevent computer memory and internal damage to electronic equipment.

Other applications:

For static-sensitive arms, flammable and explosive places and petrochemical workshops and hospital operating room, anesthesia room, oxygen bar and other places with anti-static requirements.