ESD Flooring Maintenance And Use

ESD Flooring is also called a dissipated electrostatic floor, a floor that, when grounded or connected to any lower potential, allows the charge to dissipate, with a resistance of 10 in the order of 10 to 10 Between the characteristics. Anti-static floor maintenance, the use of anti-static floor, anti-static floor maintenance and use.

1. Anti-static floor use environment

Built-in anti-static floor room environmental control requirements Temperature: 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity: 45% RH ~ 75% RH.

2. Decorative surface anti-static floor

(1) disable the sharp, front edge of the apparatus in the decorative floor of the activities of the direct construction of the floor to prevent damage to the decorative surface of the anti-static performance and aesthetics;

(2) the use of the process of prohibiting personnel from the height of the direct jump to the anti-static floor, and moving objects in the brutal handling, injury to the floor;

(3) in the activities of the floor to carry goods, prohibit the object directly on the board to promote the object, so that the object and the ground directly between the friction, resulting in plate scratches;

(4) When handling articles, apply a trolley with a rubber tire for handling or lay an isolation pad between the contours of the object and the floor to prevent damage to the board;

(5) in the anti-static activities on the board placed heavy items, it should be smooth display, so as not to hurt the anti-static floor;

(6) on the floor of the lower space of the equipment maintenance, the application of the floor suction board for floor installation, disassembly of the floor to gently, so as not to damage the anti-static floor;

(7) can be used in a clean mop and wipes to keep the board clean, careful not to a lot of water, cleaning agents and other liquid on the floor, so as not to affect the anti-static floor life and affect the anti-static floor of the following lines and equipment The normal operation.

3. Naked anti-static floor and ventilation anti-static floor

(1) should be used to prevent the activities of the floor of the anti-static spray layer scratches, such as the discovery of the application of gray paint to fill the brush to ensure complete coating.

(2) to prevent small objects fall into the ventilation floor of the ventilation (such as coins, keys, paper clips, pins, etc.) to avoid damage to the ventilation regulator and other equipment.

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