ESD Flooring Protection Matters

  ESD Flooring protection matters

  Our life is often the laying of the floor, I believe we according to their own family and friends for their home decoration can be clearly felt. And in the office area will be the laying of professional flooring, especially for the communications industry floor, will use ESD Flooring, ESD Flooring which is to ensure the normal use of communication. So, in the face of such a stress on the floor, how do we carry out the relevant care? We together to understand the next.

  ESD Flooring protection matters

  1. Disable sharp, front edge of the equipment in the activities of the floor of the decorative surface of the direct construction operations to prevent damage to the decorative surface of the protective electrical performance and aesthetic level.

  2. The use of the process to prohibit the staff from the height of the direct jump to the ESD Flooring, and moving objects in the brutal handling, injury to the floor.

  3. When moving objects on the floor, it is forbidden to push the object directly on the board surface, so that the object and the ground directly between the friction, ESD Flooring resulting in plate scratches.

  4. When handling articles, apply a trolley with a rubber tire for handling or lay a spacer between the contours of the object and the floor to prevent damage to the board.

  5. In the event layout placed heavy items, should be smooth display, so as not to hurt the floor.

  Because many of the room and office space are now for the ground decoration, so the above mentioned on the protection of ESD Flooring of the knowledge, can be applied to the daily life. We lay the floor, a large part of the reason is its aesthetics, so we have to carry out related protection.