Five Points For Attention Of Floor Selection

Five points for attention of floor selection

1. business promotion

Exaggerate the floor product performance, what formaldehyde free floor, anti-static floor, waterproof floor and so on, this is the floor of the business skills. Consumers know about it, do not trust the sweet words of merchants.

2. the floor is too thick

By a thick paint to cover the floor material itself is floor manufacturers commonly used tricks, some floor there are bug, cracks will have a certain impact on the quality of the floor. But part of the flooring manufacturers in order to cover the floor problems and avoid falling prices, they are usually in this kind of floor brush a layer of paint, then fill the bug, the putty powder for local cracking. This kind of floor can not see the real grain of the floor, but also will fade in the process of use.

3. floor accessories selection

Choose finished wood floor styles for accessories such as baseboard, quality be close floor installation accessories is probably not very much, and some people even think that it is to send things, are not very useful, in fact many people have such idea, but in fact this idea is wrong, for example you with a relatively poor tijiaxian, appeared in the use of deformation, loosening the impact will be directly to the whole room is beautiful. And the use of wooden floor when the skirting line is not less, if the skirting line appeared formaldehyde exceeded the standard, the entire home living environment will be affected by formaldehyde.

4. floor mounting

Choose a good wooden floor, you need to install the floor, preferably to the floor business for installation, because if there is a problem in the installation process, it is difficult to say whether the floor problem or installation problem.  Therefore, the floor must shop for their own installation, and requires years of experience in the installation of teacher fu.

5. floor less Jin missing two

In the current market of building materials, wood flooring is very popular, but because some businesses sell products cohabitation, so that consumers some of the pitfalls of current industry also fangbushengfang. Quejinshaoliang in solid wood flooring sales is not new, because most consumers will not go carefully whether measuring products and original products are the same in the purchase of flooring products. And wood floors are used to calculate the price of the area, so some businesses will be on the floor packaging articles, so that consumers in vain for the area of the bill.

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