Flooring Buying Knowledge At Two Olfactory Three Grinding Four-bubble

--Look, and is seam, the appearance of the floor and the base material. Select floor, first floor to see the process, such as the v-Groove flooring, chamfer v-also known as the anti-solid wood flooring, this flooring is printed after coloring the v-notch, and look at the color, that is, colors and the color is closer to the floor, seams close not tight it is easy to water seepage. There is a u-shaped Groove flooring, u-Groove flooring is also commonly known as the molding floor and its processing technology more advanced than the v-groove, and more beautiful, but difficult, require high precision. Appearance after reading depends on the substrate, and quality is the key to the floor substrate, substrate is the selection of quality flooring wood color, does not stain does not wax and can clearly see the nature of the substrate. Good fiber and delicate texture of the substrate, and groove edge smooth rough.
Er, sniff-the smell is simple evaluation method of the formaldehyde emissions level of the floor. Is at the time of purchase, slotted floors underneath the nose breathing, good wood of the floor has a wood flavor road, bad floors have a pungent taste, indicating that formaldehyde may be overweight, choose carefully!
Three, ground-floor-wear revolution is also an important indicator of concern into flooring laminate flooring sales area or building materials to sell in the supermarket, "wear revolution up to 10,000 rpm" signs everywhere, wear-resistant but turn the number the higher the better, consumers are confused. Many consumers are used to the door for comfortable slippers, and thus the degree of wear of the floor is not very large, 4000 RPM use laminate floor is sufficient to meet the family. While taking into account the floor wear resistance to a few, such as pedaling rate high living room or floor above 4000 RPM can be used by the Office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other places would not blindly "high".
Four, bubble-that head to the home of the basin floor material inside for several hours, see whether the coefficient of expansion is too big, average floor thickness swelling rate of water absorption is less than 2.5%, to illustrate is that blistering expansion of all wood products, and water temperature, is also critical, errors in judgment may have less experience, this is only for reference!