Good Antistatic Floor/anti-static Floor What Are Specifications?

Currently, anti-static flooring products on the market and bad, low quality, cheap goods to a large extent, misled the consumers, consumers to buy such merchandise, paving, quickly swelled and deformed, cracks, fading and damage of formaldehyde overrun health questions. So, when consumers purchase anti-static floor, should pay attention to what doubt? good antistatic floor/anti-static flooring so what specification?

A: Yes/anti-static antistatic floor floors Green

Antistatic floor/anti-static floor substrate manufacturing process of using adhesives, formaldehyde was one of the main constituents of adhesives, anti-static flooring often contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde is called "invisible killer". Purchase anti-static flooring/anti-static floor, smell a pungent scent, don't buy. Good antistatic floor/anti-static flooring to moisture. Moisture-proof function through thickness swelling rate of water absorption, a goal reflected the higher target value, moisture-proof function worse. We tip when purchasing, consumers must purchase the floor thickness swelling rate of water absorption is less than 10%.

Two: good antistatic floor/anti-static flooring does not fade

Some anti-static-solid wood flooring looks beautiful color, stripes and delicate. But some anti-static-solid wood floor tricks such as the chalk on the Blackboard, using wipe Erase Board pattern No. When consumers purchase anti-static floor/anti-static flooring, be sure to choose high color fastness to light of up to 7 per cent of the goods, otherwise, your shoes will become "embroidered shoes."

Three: good antistatic floor/anti-static floor to wear

High wear resistance, anti-static laminate flooring is one of the greatest strengths. At present, the international mainstream goods should arrive in laminate flooring market AC3 wear (that is, speeds of more than 6000 RPM). Today, the Mall has many cheap flooring use low quality wear-resistant paper to reduce costs, natural low wear resistance and life will be much shorter.