How Does PVC Flooring Wax?

  How does PVC flooring wax?

  Waxing can make PVC flooring to keep bright and bright; waxing is a way to protect the floor. Waxing to protect the floor and air,

  pvc floor waxing what materials, tools it?

  pvc floor wax water, wax drag, senior water press, electrostatic vacuum cleaner, neutral all-around cleaning agent, strong from wax water, wash mats, polishing pads, multi-function washing machine, vacuum suction machine.

  Waxing method, steps:

  First, the neutral all-around detergent to 1:30 ratio into the washing machine scrub the floor, to the oil, decontamination; sewage with a suction machine to dry, and other floor dry.

  Second, the floor wax water poured into the waterjet, wax tow wax water squeeze excess wax water; drag the floor. Drag the wax when you pay attention to a direction (either left or right direction, or front and rear direction), the wax evenly applied to the ground do not leak.

  Cloth finished the first layer of wax to 30-50 minutes after the wax can be dragged to the second layer of wax, the same way.

  Third, the first time to finish the wax without polishing, playing 2-3 times to polish, with a clean pad with washing machine polishing. Wax surface is not bright, stains can be polished, the surface is bright as new. If the repeated polishing 5-10 times when the bright side of the floor when no wax to re-waxing.

  pvc floor waxing daily maintenance:

  1, with the electrostatic precipitator liquid with a spray gun sprayed in the dust at the bottom, to be dry after the dust (Note: electrostatic vacuum cleaner after the vacuum function, the wax surface does not damage);

  2, the floor wax surface stains with neutral all-around detergent with water to 1:10 ratio drag the ground.

  In fact, routine maintenance using clean water and mop cleaning can be kept bright and bright.

  How to carry out the wax after the floor waxing:

  1, waxing 4-6 times, time about 12-18 months after the wax 1 times;

  2, strong wax water with hot water about 50 degrees Celsius, with a ratio of 1 to 5 shower surface, 15-25 minutes later, with a wiping machine with a wax from the wax to wax, and then use a vacuum suction machine suction Dry, and then neutral all-around detergent with water 1:35 into the wipe machine water tank after scrubbing, and then dry air can be carried out after the waxing.

  Choose the weather when the PVC floor waxing, to dry fast, easy maintenance is also easy.

  In fact, after the floor waxing the floor bright and bright. Our daily maintenance is very convenient, no need to carry out too much maintenance, just follow the normal maintenance of the floor, clean up.

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