How To Identify High-quality ESD Flooring?

How to identify high-quality ESD Flooring?

ESD Flooring because of its more objective profit, market competition is relatively no other industry so intense, so many years have many manufacturers have entered the field of ESD Flooringing, the market is also more and more inferior products, these inferior products not only hit the Consumers buy ESD Flooring of the confidence, but also to the industry has brought a negative impact. Today we come to introduce how to identify low-quality ESD Flooring.

First, the first in the ESD Flooring thickness, low-quality ESD Flooring will be cut in the standard thickness of the cut, such as the thickness from 0.8mm down to 0.3mm, 0.4mm, so that the thickness of the basic strength, Easy to cause ESD Flooring of the fracture.

Second, the thickness of the beam wall from 0.8mm / 1.0mm thinning to 0.3mm, 0.4mm, because the beam is too soft caused by the surrounding four sides of the floor, causing serious floor collapse, fracture problems.

Third, the anti-static veneer thickness cut corners, the standard thickness, the South must be 0.8mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.5mm, while the northern region must be more than 1.2mm. Low-quality ESD Flooring naturally reach this thickness, a direct result of ESD Flooring life is short.

Fourth, the thickness of the steel plate, the thickness of the wall are different degree of thinning, resulting in unsustainable after the creak sound, and even floor collapse, fracture and other serious quality problems.

5, anti-static veneer can not meet the anti-static standard, that is, veneer anti-static system resistance value of less than 1x105 ~ 1x109 ohms. Causing the floor is not anti-static. So on the surface of the customer to buy for the ESD Flooring, in fact, customers buy the overhead floor, rather than ESD Flooring.

Good ESD Flooringing should be environmentally friendly in the ESD Flooring production process to use the adhesive, and formaldehyde is one of the main components of the adhesive, so ESD Flooring often contain formaldehyde, and formaldehyde is called "stealth killer."

According to the national standard, the substrate formaldehyde emission to meet the E1 level standard, that formaldehyde emission should be less than 9mg / 100g, below the standard substrate harmless to the human body. When you buy ESD Flooring, if you smell the irritating smell, do not buy. Good ESD Flooring to moisture. Moisture resistance should be reflected by the index of water swelling thickness, the higher the index value, the worse the moisture resistance. While the poor moisture resistance of the floor in the spring rainy season of the wet environment, most likely the emergence of expansion and deformation and other issues. We remind consumers to buy flooring with a water-absorbent thickness of less than 10%

Good ESD Flooring does not fade, some imitation solid wood flooring looks bright color, delicate patterns. But some imitation solid wood flooring, such as blackboard chalk on the word, with a wipe a wipe is no color. Consumers in the purchase of the floor, be sure to choose light fastness of light up to 7 or more products, otherwise, your shoes will become "embroidered shoes."

Good ESD Flooring to wear, high wear resistance is to strengthen the advantages of one of the advantages of wood flooring. At present, the world to strengthen the mainstream of the flooring market products should reach AC3 grade wear resistance (that is, speed of 6000 rpm or more). Now, there are many low-cost flooring on the market using low-quality wear-resistant paper to reduce costs, the wear resistance of natural low, the service life will be greatly reduced.